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TeachMe is a rapidly growing teaching company and our mission is to provide the highest quality English lessons to eager students in China. The education system was developed by a group of experienced and educated online ESL teachers who recognized which novelties had to be introduced. The focus is on improving students’ speaking skills and increasing their vocabulary. One of our biggest advantages is that every student’s class work will be evaluated. Every student requires special attention and deserves a different approach.

Teachers provide effective feedback to guide student earning and success. Our teachers offer one-on-one and one-to-many lessons (25 minutes long) to students of all ages. The lesson materials are accredited and provided.

We are looking for enthusiastic, dynamic and creative online ESL teachers to help our students achieve their educational goals. Our teachers work from home and connect with students online over video. We provide teachers with a state-of-the art lesson plan.  This is a part time, remote role with flexible scheduling.



Academic Requirements:

How to join us:

1. Open a free Zoom account at (usually email address). Next, test your local network speed by visiting Make a simple self-introduction video (1-2 minutes, less than 20M in size, Tips for making a perfect self-intro video.pdf). The email you send us should contain: CV, Zoom account(email address) and a self-introduction video.

2. After getting your Zoom account(email address), CV and an introduction video, we will review it and schedule an interview on Zoom.

3. It will be required from you to sign a copyright protection agreement. After signing it, you will be provided with the materials (Big English 6 Active Teach software, guidebooks, instruction videos, etc.) that you need to go through before the training.

4. A training session includes 1-on-1 mentoring by one of our senior teachers.

5. Then, we will arrange a demo class for you in order to evaluate your skills and determine the exact salary range of your future classes.

6. Finally, you will sign the contract and register:

7. Admins will approve your account and then you will be able to edit your profile and open your time slots on the platform regularly.

Contact information:


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Address: Dalian City, Liaoning Province, P.R. China